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Children can only enter classes in their correct age group
Age of child as at 31
st August 2022 to be quoted on all entry forms
All class prizes: 1
st – £5, 2nd – £2, kindly donated by the Lady Downe Trust

Group 1 – Under 5 years

187  A painting of a rainbow – max size A4
188  A handprint pattern – max size A4

Group 2 – Ages 5 to 7
(Award No 24 for the exhibitor who obtains the highest number of points in Classes 189-193)
189  Drawing or painting of my favourite zoo animal – max size A4
190  A potato person
191  A crown fit for a king or queen
192  A monster made from household junk
193  A necklace made from pasta shapes
Group 3 – Ages 8 to 11 years
(Award No 25 for the exhibitor who obtains the highest number of points in classes 194-200)
194      A home made bird feeder
195     A necklace or bracelet made from re-cycled materials
196     An item from a craft kit
197     A vegetable or fruit monster
198     A miniature allotment or garden on a plate
199     3 pieces of flapjacks using your favourite recipe
200     Handwriting – in your best handwriting write an envelope addressed to Queen Elizabeth
Group 4 – Ages 12 to 16 years
(Award No 26 for the exhibitor who obtains the highest number of points in classes 201-206)
201     A photograph – “Friends having fun” – max size 7” x 5”
202     6 pieces of “Rocky Road” using your favourite recipe
203   A decorated Wellington boot
204     A painting or drawing of your favourite pop star – max size A4
205     A birthday card for your best friend         
206     Write a short story (max 50 words) to include the following words:
bird, bicycle, cabbage, turnips, weather, spade, school, spider

Please use a special children's entry form for classes H & J.
If any child wishes to enter any of the adult classes, please complete a separate adult entry form for these entries.


(The full rules are to be found in the Show Schedule which is available from Upton St Leonards Post Office or Show Committee Members)

No Exhibitor shall enter more than one exhibit in each class.
All entries must be individual. Separate entry forms must be completed by each individual competitor. Entrance Fees to be paid with entry form: Children – 10p per entry.
Entry Forms and entry fees to be returned to the Entry Secretary by 8.00pm on the WEDNESDAY before the Show. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
All exhibitors will be supplied with cards giving their Classes and Exhibit numbers for each entry. These cards are to be placed with the exhibits when staged. Cards to be collected from the Show Secretary in the Show Office on the morning of the Show.
Where exhibitors are unable to be present to stage their exhibits, helpers will carry this out if the exhibits are sent to the Show before 10.00am on the day of the Show.
All exhibits must be ready for the Judges by 10.30am. The Committee will be present to receive exhibits from 8.00am to 10.15am on the day of the Show. All exhibits to be removed from the Show between 5pm and 5.30pm.
The decision of the judges will be final and they have the power to withhold prizes if, in their opinion, there are not sufficient entries, or in any case of infringement of the Rules.
The Committee reserve the right to object to any exhibit and have power to settle any dispute arising for which these rules do not provide. There shall be no appeal from their decision.
The Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise, but will take all possible care of exhibits.
The Cups will be presented at 4.30pm. If the winners are not able to be present in person, they must delegate someone else to receive the awards on their behalf.
Prize monies will be distributed from 4.45pm.
Any person who has any query regarding the Rules should contact the Chairman.