Prize for best exhibit in Section “B” - £7.50 (see Award 17)
(See Vegetables and Fruit section A, re Award No 2)
(Award No 5 - highest points for Classes 53-57)
(Award No 7 - highest points for Classes 50-79)

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NOTE: In all classes except Class 55 and 57 blooms may be either mixed colours or one distinct colour.

Notes for Dahlias

Decorative Dahlias have fully double blooms showing no disc. The ray florets are broad,
generally flat or slightly twisted and usually bluntly pointed.
** Cactus /Semi Cactus Dahlias have petals which are revolute (recurving) for more than
half their length.

*** Pompon Dahlias have blooms similar to that of the ball Dahlia but more globular and not
exceeding 52 mm(2in) dia. with florets involute for the whole of their length.
Water lily Dahlias have fully double blooms characterised by broad and generally sparse
ray florets, which are straight or slightly involute or revolute along their length giving the flower a
shallow appearance.

Ball Dahlias have fully double blooms, ball-shaped or slightly flattened, the ray florets blunt or
rounded at the tip, and margins spirally arranged and involute for more than half the length of the
## Collerette Dahlias have blooms with a single outer ring with generally flat ray florets

Small – blooms must not exceed 170mm in dia. Miniature – blooms must not exceed 115mm in dia. Pompons – blooms must not exceed 52mm in dia.

50. 5 stems of Cosmos
51. 5 stems of Zinnia
52. Vase of Asters, 5 blooms
53. Roses, 3 blooms with foliage attached, 3 distinct varieties
54. Floribunda Roses, 3 stems
55. Roses, 3 blooms with foliage attached, 1 variety only
56. Rose, one single bloom to be judged on fragrance only
57. Roses - one vase of one variety, one bloom at each of 3 stages, bud, exhibition, and blown. Bud to be in colour.
58. Three different sprays of shrubs in a suitable container
59. Dahlia, 3 collerette
60. Dahlia, 5 small cactus or semi cactus – any variety or varieties
61. Dahlia, 5 small decorative – any variety or varieties
62. Dahlia, 5 miniature decorative
63. Dahlia, 5 miniature – any variety or varieties
64. Dahlia, 3 ball – any variety or varieties
65. Dahlia, 5 pompon – any variety or varieties
66. Dahlia, 3 water lily – any variety or varieties
67. Chrysanthemums, 3 sprays
68. Gladioli, 3 spikes
69. Gladioli, 1 spike
70. Bowl or vase of garden flowers - maximum space 24” x 24" (610mm x 610mm).
Prize money: £5, £2.50, £1 (See Award 16)
71. A succulent, other than cacti (6”/150mm max pot size)
72. A cactus (6”/150mm max pot size)
73. One pot plant in flower (NOT orchid or fuchsia, 6”/150mm max pot size)
74. One pot plant for foliage – pot size up to 8”/200mm
75. One pot fuchsia (internal diameter of pot not to exceed 8”/200mm)
76. One specimen Orchid (internal diameter of pot not to exceed 8”/200mm)
77. Vase of hydrangea heads, 3 stems
78. Fern frond
79. Hosta leaves – any variety – 5 in one container

Novice Classes (a novice has never won 1st prize for flowers in any show)
80. Rose – one single bloom
81. Dahlia – 1 bloom of any kind
82. One pot plant, any variety (6”/150mm max pot size)
83. Gladioli – one spike

NOTE: Pot plants – These must have been in ownership for at least two months.

Points awarded in the next two classes do not count towards awards for Sections “A” and “B”

One dish of vegetables, two of each of any two kinds
One vase of flowers, five stems, mixed
One pot plant, max. pot size 6”/150mm diameter

“5-A-Day” – five items of fruit and/or vegetables, displayed on a plate no larger than 300mm/12” diameter.

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